The Kintyre Way

The Kintyre Way - Campbeltown

US family celebrate birthday milestone

When Ann MacDonald Ross set herself the challenge of walking the Kintyre Way to mark her milestone 70th birthday, it soon became a true family adventure.

Ann, who hails originally from Campbeltown but now lives in Kentucky in the USA, flew into Scotland with daughter Maggi and son Colin – and with only six days to complete the entire 100-mile walking route, set off the very next day.

Not even jet lag or the wet and misty weather could dampen their spirits and they managed to march an impressive 22 miles on day one alone by combining sections one and two.

Six days and many adventures later all three had completed the route . . . right on schedule,

In the family’s online journal, daughter Maggi recalls their last day of walking: “We trudged and trudged along. Our spirits were still high as we knew this was expected for today. It was our last day and nothing was stopping us. Every waymarker we saw, we were reminded of the hard work of those who keep up the Kintyre Way. Thank you, all!”

Now, as a special thank you to the teams of volunteers who make this walk possible, Ann and family, ‘Team Wayfarer’, have very kindly donated to the Kintyre Way. The funds will help ensure the popular attraction is kept in the very best possible condition for locals and visiting walkers, runners and cyclists from all over the world!

Ann said: “The Kintyre Way was beyond all my expectations. I was aware of the natural beauty but to combine that with sharing it with my children in my homeland was a memory of a lifetime.

“I don’t consider myself a hiker but being able to accomplish The Way was exhilarating. We were ‘wowed and proud’ of ourselves and so appreciative of the team it takes to have this attraction available to so many.

“In our short journey, we crossed paths with others from Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and Montana and Pennsylvania USA. To quote my son, Colin: ‘The Way is the Way!’.”

Alan Milstead, Chairman of the Kintyre Way, commented: “We really can’t thank Ann and family enough for her very generous donation and, of course, we congratulate Ann, Maggi and Colin on their amazing dedication in completing the Kintyre Way in six days . . . while so obviously enjoying every moment of their journey!

“Our route shows off the very best of our beautiful Argyll scenery and wildlife all year round, while bringing local communities closer together. It’s incredibly heart-warming, therefore, when visitors from all corners of the world come to Kintyre to experience this journey for themselves.”

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