The Kintyre Way

The Kintyre Way - Campbeltown

Best beaches thanks to our Kintyre Way Friends

Friends of the Kintyre Way have repeated last year’s heroic efforts by ensuring beach sections of our long-distance route are kept clean and clear of plastic or rubbish – remaining wild and beautiful for everyone! The group of Friends were kindly supplied with bags, gloves and litter pickers from GRAB Trust at Argyll & Bute Council.
We’re now looking to make this an annual event, with Friends working in groups to tackle our Southend section, Polliwilne to Kilmanshenachan, then Dunaverty beach and the west coast section from Ronachan Bay to Killean.
The distance to be cleared covers a total of eight miles. If you’d like to help our teams, get in touch via [email protected] or why not set up your very own litter-pick? You can find a helpful link here. You can also learn more about the countryside code, wild camping and the mission to ‘leave no trace’ here. Remember, too, when out walking, it always helps to have a spare bag with you for rubbish!

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